Dr. Thenapakiam Sathasivam
Post-doctoral fellow
PhD (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
School of Science,
Monash University Malaysia
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Thena graduated with Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) from School of Science, Monash University Malaysia in 2011. Her Master project focused on dual cross-linked carboxymethyl sago pulp-gelatine complex coacervates for sustained drug delivery and received her degree in 2013. Subsequently, Thena completed her PhD studies with Dr. Saravanan Muniandy and Dr. Pushpamalar Janarthanan where she synthesized semi-synthetic polymers from Methroxylon sago biomass as pharmaceutical excipients. In 2018, she joined Dr Pushpamalar under the Monash Industry Palm Oil Education and Research Platform (MIPO) as a post-doctoral fellow. 

Active projects
  1. Preparation and optimization of sulphonated carboxylmethylcellulose for conjugation with bismuth compound as an antibacterial membrane.

  2. Optimisation of grafted carboxymethyl oil palm cellulose (CM-OPEFBC) and aminated polyethylene glycol for 3D printing ink of hydrogels

  3. Fabrication of antimicrobial CMC-CMPVA hydrogel with sodium salicylate loaded halloysite nanotube cattier for a transdermal wound dressing

  4. Preparation of biodegradable cutleries using oil palm empty fruit bunch with poly lactic acid (PLA).